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Booklist, the magazine the New York Times calls "an acquisitions bible for public and school librarians nationwide," is the review journal of the American Library Association. It recommends works of fiction, nonfiction, children's books, reference books, and media to its 30,000 institutional and personal subscribers. In-house editors and contributing reviewers from around the country review more than 7,500 books each year, most before publication.

Editorial Reviews (on Amazon.com – 5/05/05)
The Transcontinental Railroad (The Expansion of America)
by Linda Thompson, # Rourke Publishing
(June 30, 2005) # ISBN: 1595153268

From Booklist
*Starred Review* Gr. 4-6. The story of the Transcontinental Railroad is a complicated one, with extraordinary vision, corruption, innovation, and plain backbreaking work playing roles. In this volume in the new Expansion of America series, Thompson does an excellent job of meshing the overriding ideal inherent in linking the Atlantic and Pacific coasts with the politics and greed that were also part of the project. Beginning with a particularly good overview, the easily digestible text features well-integrated sidebars that discuss specifics of construction worker life. There's even a poem by Bret Harte. The subject of the railroad's effect on Indian life is also covered. Although the slim format is not dissimilar to other series, the design seems especially interesting here--perhaps because the black-and-white historical photos are well chosen or because the soft, redwood background color works so well with the rest of the art. A time line, an extensive glossary, and a short bibliography conclude. Ilene Cooper

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